Stay Informed About Your Property Through Idaho Home Inspector

Did you know that the U.S. has 30 million houses posing severe safety hazards? These are just reported houses. The number extends beyond that. It calls for the need for home inspections, Boise, Idaho, more than ever. Buying a house is one of the biggest investments an individual is ever going to make. Regardless of the house’s price, it’s essential to gain crucial information about it before pouring in all life savings.

At Guardian Home Inspection, we extend 360-degree home inspection services. We will thoroughly scrutinize the house, taking all the time necessary to identify any visible structural or equipment damage. In the end, you can expect a detailed and comprehensible inspection report with recommendations and tips for maintenance.

Why Choose Us?

Purchasing a house is quite an overwhelming experience, and we understand that you’re super- excited. But why should you choose Guardian Home Inspection to examine your property? Well, here’s why:
1. Aim to Spread Awareness
We aim to make every buyer realize what they’re investing in. Although sellers are supposed to reveal it, Idaho law doesn’t require the seller to reveal every detail. Hence, Guardian Home Inspection is here, acting as your guardian angel and looking out for any possible damage or matter of concern.
2. Immediate response
Choosing us as your Idaho home inspector implies that you can expect to get critical information right then and there at the site.
3. Comprehensive inspection & reporting
Our inspectors undergo stringent training routines to keep discipline intact. They have the eagle’s eye for important details. Later, they draft a valuable final report at last.
4. Empowering buyers
The inspection carried out is related to only the essential aspects such as property structure and condition of the objects fitted inside. You’ll receive a brief report on the maintenance required, problem areas, and estimated repair costs.